UAE: not having ID card will cost Dh20 a day

The government decision number 25 published last Thursday penalizes UAE citizens for not possesing national ID card begining mid October. Fines of Dh20 (equivalent of around $6) a day will be imposed on people who have expired documents for 30 days or failed to register changes within that time. Maximum allowed penalty would be Dh 1,000. Disabled citizens will be exempted from the law. UAE national ID cards are issued by EIDA and need to be renewed every 2 years.
The new legislation quickly brought up controversy as many people complain that new document has little use. Despite Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) efforts to promote the new identification card many privately owned businesses and even government agencies don’t recognize it. Most airport based car rentals still require passport and it will certainly take some time for company policies updates and staff to get used to it. Even EIDA officials openly admit that not all government agencies have updated their systems to be able to access new card data. At this time it’s wise to take both ID card and the passport when visiting an office to register a car or getting help at a hospital. Needless to say adopting to a new document might be difficult for many institutions but it remains a citizen responisbility to get a new document.

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