UAE id card deadline extended

United Arab Emirates extended the deadline for obtaining national ID card last week. Original deadline was set to December 31st 2010, the new deadline is June 30th 2011. New regulations apply the same way to UAE nationals as well as expats. National ID cards are mandatory in UAE, it acts as a primary mean of identification. Most government based services cannot be obtained without the id card. The process of issuing ID cards has been suffering from insufficient appointment system. An applicant should call a toll free number and register for an appointment, then the system should send an SMS with confirmation and appointment date within 48 hours. This way of pre-registration was introduced to eliminate walk-in registrations. In many cases the message doesn’t reach the applicant on time or at all. As a result many people miss their appointments or show up late which create congestions at 17 permanent and many temporary application centers. Emirates Identity Authority (Eida) is working on appointments system improvements. Updates of the topic can be found on Eida web page at

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