UAE id card deadlines, free zoners off the hook

Abu Dhabi and Dubai extended their deadlines for getting national id card for private companies expatriates residing in free zones. Previous deadline of January 1st 2012 was amended to March 31 fo Abu Dhabi and May 31 for Dubai. Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) made the announcement yesterday. Other Emirates deadlines remain unchanged. The decision is an answer to numerous complaints from free zone residents and employers. EIDA admitted that confusion might have emerged over the fact that free zones are classified as semi-government zones.This resulted in penalties starting Jan 1 2012 for those who didn’t apply for national id card in time.

EIDA has emphasized the fact that the decision is a part of highest level of service commitment to the residents. All without a valid id cards were called to apply for the document or renewal as soon as possible and not wait for the last moment. All UAE population is expected to be covered by EIDa national id card plan by the end of 2013. As of now only Ajman has managed to link all government services with the id card. Abu Dhabi requires the document for car registration and other motor vehicle services while Dubai requires the card for public transportation monthly pass purchases.

All Emirates are expected to integrate every government service with national id card within next 2 years.

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