Uganda national ID card program delay

Uganda is one of the African countries lagging behind when it comes to resident identification. That was supposed to be changed by a national ID card printing contract that was won by German company Mühlbauer Technology Group in March 2010. Worth 34 milion Euro deal was for delivery of 21 milion photo ID cards by June 2012. It needs to be noted that conterversies were raised over contract bidding procedures back in 2010 suggesting that the president Museveni picked a company after reported lobbying by German embassy.
Yesterday first 400 ID cards were handed out to the citizens, this means heavy delays as 3.5 milion documents were should have been delivered by December. It’s unclear if it’s German printing company or the Internal Affair Ministry to blame. Mühlbauer Technology Group has not posted any comments. Some commentators suggest that the ministry might be late with payments and that the funds might have been depleted in the phase where biometric data has been collected from the applicants.

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