UK national ID card program cancelled

UK government lead by prime minister David Cameron expects the queen today to sign the bill that abolishes national ID card program. The law, introduced in 2004 on the wave of post 9/11 counter terrorism measures went into force in 2006. The ID card with various biometric features would eliminate identity theft as well as prevent benefit loopholes and illegal immigration. With cost of the program rising to over 7 billion US dollars in 2009  the government decided that national ID card would no longer be mandatory. After only less than 12 thousand applications submitted for the new identification card it has been decided to cancel the program. All data collected in application process will be securely destroyed in 60 days; ID cards would become invalid for travel in 30 days.

Some experts emphasize that David Cameron promised to introduce freedom bill after seizing power. Elimination of national id card was one of the key points of the freedom bill. David Cameron took prime minister office on May 10, 2010 after Conservative Party election victory.

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