underage bar enthusiast with bad luck

In Iowa City, IA 19 years old Chicago native Steven Fiorella, University of Iowa student was arrested and charged with 5th degree theft and unlawful use another person identification. It happened at the Union bar, popular bar in town, crowded especially over the weekends. Last Saturday evening Fiorella tried to enter the bar, when asked by the bar entry bouncer for proof of age he allegedly shown driver’s license belonging to that very bouncer. Once the bar doorman recognized himself on the identification document he immediately called the police which got the student arrested. Police also found AAA card and debit card belonging to the bouncer whose identity was not disclosed. The suspect claims he bought all 3 items at a party from unknown individual for $20. Bar doorman reported stolen documents in February.
Justice has some really twisted ways to straighten things out. Still we have to give the credit to the bouncer for remaining cold blooded and calling the police instead of taking justice into his own hands. Let me guess, bar bouncer, 6′ 3″ 250+ pounds, lifting weights on regular basis; police arrest doesn’t sound that bad when compared to confrontation with raging bull. Therefore we can safely say Fiorella had some good luck in his overall bad luck Saturday evening hang out.

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