unexpected turn in Pennsylvania voter id law

A few weeks ago we wrote about the custom id card Penn DOT started to issued for Pennsylvania voters for free and under relaxed list of requirements. At that time I was under impression that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court would uphold the Commonwealth Court decision on making the voter id bill a law in Pennsylvania (the law was sued in the court by civil liberties organizations and then when lower court ruled to dismiss the case the plaintiffs immediately appealed to the Supreme Court).
To my surprise the court decided otherwise, not that it rejected Commonwealth Court verdict, it returned to the lower instance for reconsideration instead. State highest court action seems to be putting a lot pressure for judge Robert Simpson who only has time until October 2nd to make and justify his decision. 4-2 court decision makes Simpson to check again if there would be no voter disfranchised by the law going into force. To make matters more complicated there was a significant change since judge Simpson original ruling, PennDOT started issuing custom id cards for voters which technically should help the law supporters but the fact the new document is only being issued since late August might be consider as an argument against the rule going into force for November elections.
Pennsylvania is considered to be among key swing states for November presidential election and development of rolling out voter id legislation is closely followed as many consider it to be crucial for the voting result.

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