Utah: fake id card mill busted

State Attorney General special Strike Force SECURE has recently raided an apartment at 759 West Center Street in Midvale, UT. The raid resulted in arrest of 6 individuals 25 years old Javier Manenche-Bracamontes charged for possession of controlled substances with intent to distribute, possession of fraudulent identification, obstruction of justice, Juan Zacapala-Bacho, 22 for possession of forged writing, Joel Pineda-Prudente, 27 for possession of forged writing, Flavio Sorroza-Vasquez, 31, false information to police, Jose Larios-Lopez, 44, aggravated prior deportation and aggravated re-entry and Cesar Cirino Manenche-Torres, 34, also for prior deportation and re-entry; all suspects are Mexicans. Execution of a search warrant was a result of an extensive investigation. Agent entered the apartment without notice as the residents were believed to carry fire arms. At the site investigators found methamphetamine, cocaine, forged Social Security cards, fake permanent resident’s card popularly known as green cards, driver’s licenses and id cards. Apartment had secret compartments inside the walls where the illegal items have been stored. There was not a clear statement form the authorities if the apartment was used to manufacture forge identification documents or it acted as a distribution center for illegal merchandise. This was the 29th successful case by the SECURE squad resulted in arrests in just 2 past years which shows the scale of the problem.
All 6 men face deportation after the criminal investigation is completed as they were present in the country illegally.

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