Utah pioneers in child identity theft protection

Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff started new identity protection for children on January 31st. Together with Trans Union credit bueurau the new initiative will actively monitor minors credit profile and alert on any suspicious activity. The way it works is simple. Parent or legal guardian registers the child securely online with the service using name, address and Social Security number. From that point until the child reaches the age of 17 years Trans Union would alert creditors about potential fraud risk whenever credit profile information is requested by any creditor. Registration would also result in purge of any fraudulent information already present under child name within Trans Union database. Child Identity Protection (CIP) program is a result of a couple of years effort of Attorney General office and State Representative Eric Hutchings trying to figure an active prevention service against children identity theft. Reactive service, Identity Theft Reporting Information System (IRIS) was in place since 2006 and allowed to report identity theft. It was a huge success and collected over 3000 entries since it was launched. CIP is a next step from IRIS in protecting identity agains fraud. “This is a groundbreaking public/private partnership dedicated to specifically protecting children from having their good names and future credit ruined by identity thieves,” said Attorney General during the new service inauguration meeting.
Service is available at www.idtheft.utah.gov

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