Vancouver: $1750 fine for identity theft attempt

Mark Clayton Mahovlich, a disabled resident of British Columbia was sentenced to $1750 fine for an attempt to obtain the province photo id card for his brother name. Mahovlich driver’s license was cancelled on February 5th, 2009; a year later on Feb 8th 2010 he applied for BC identification card using his brother Michael Care Card and birth certificate, none of these documents contain a photograph. The brother has been living in the US for over 20 years. Photograph taken at the time of application was then compared to Michael’s photograph in the file of Insurance Corporate that uses advanced facial identity software. The result excluded a possibility that man on the photo taken for ID card is Michael Mahovlich. According to Michael’s testimony his brother has been using his identity for past 25 years, drain his bank account without authorization and likely destroyed his credit in Canada; he thinks that history of drug abuse is the root cause of his brother behavior. Mark’s criminal record contain 11 offenses which started in 1986.
According to Mark he had to get an ID card for his brother in order to hide from people who wanted to take his life. He felt he pissed of a lot of people in past 4 years and they may seek a revenge.
The accused was given until October 3rd, 2012 to pay the fine.

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