Victoria, TX: Local Police Department will soon accept Mexican ID cards

Houston based Mexican consul Luis Malpica y de la Madrid visit to Victoria, TX resulted in an announcement of Mexican ID card soon to be accepted by local police department. At the present time Mexican driver’s license is insufficient to proof a person identity for VPD. The new regulations to accept Mexican National ID card are expected to improve Mexican community cooperation with local police as well as better integration with town’s community. Solution like this almost naturally brings controversy on immigration matters. While many opponents call it support for illegal immigration, supporters argue that it is an important step in integrating an existing community that is sizable but unrecognized and not integrated with the town. There is no federal level solution for large group of undocumented immigrants in the US and any new legislation allowing for legalizing the aliens is unlikely to emerge during the difficult economy times. With this in mind states and towns are trying to find a way to integrate immigrants communities with means they have on hand. While some towns issue municipal ID cards other decide to accept foreign, non-passport ID cards. The level of ID card acceptance varies from identification only to ability to get utilities, cell phone, open a bank account or cash a check.

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