another voter custom id card in PA

Pennsylvania keeps making it to the headlines recently. We just wrote about the voter id bill complaint ruling making it back from Supreme Court to Commonwealth court for reconsideration and there is already another turn in the story.
Last Thursday afternoon Parkhouse, a Montgomery County nursing home was announced to start issuing voter id cards on October 1st. The decision was passed unanimously by the county commissioners. While allowed by the legislation county decision didn’t please governor Corbett.
His Spokesman, Ron Ruman, was cited saying that the governor administration wasn’t briefed about the county commission’s plan as well as that aw wasn’t intended to allow counties to issue voter ID cards to whomever they want. Naturally the county officials did not like the comment. It’s worth to mention here that while the governor administration didn’t like the move they also stated they would take no action against it.
Another factor to be considered in this situation is that the voter custom id card made by PennDOT is estimated to be issued only to under 10,000 voters while the number of state registered voters without the id valid for voting varies between 400,000 and 900,000 depending on source.
Unappealing voter id document statistics and the fact that the law was written one way but meant another causing frictions between state and county authorities make feel that the outlook for the voter id bill to be enforced law during the November presidential election is a bit grim.

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