voter ID bill passed by Pennsylvania Senate

26 to 23 was the result for State Senate vote over election process legislation amendment. Like in other states voting went across partisan lines with exceptions of 3 republican senators who vote against the bill along with all Democratic Senate members. Debate took 4 hours and arguments were exactly the same as in other states: election process integrity improvement and fraud reduction as supporting ideas while the risk of eliminating the poor, elderly and minorities; lack of election fraud history were reasons to vote against. The bill that passed the Senate yesterday is a less restrictive version of election bill passed by the House last summer. If the updated legislation passes the House and becomes a law a register voter would have to present a piece of photo identification in order to cast a ballot. The list of acceptable forms of ID is a bit broader than some states and include PA driver’s license, state photo id card, county or municipal photo id card, student id badge or home-care issued custom id badge. Similar to most other states a voter showing up at the poll without a proper ID would be able to cast a provisional ballot but would have to come back with a valid ID within 6 days. State Department of Transportation will issue a free state photo id card to any registered voter who does not posses any other form of acceptable identification and need piece of ID purely for the reason of taking part in the election process. As in other states the concerns was brought up that while id card can be obtained free a birth certificate which is required to get the id card may cost substantial amount of money in case an attorney needs to be hired to obtain it.
If the bill passes the House quickly April 24th Primary would be the test run with voters being asked to show the ids but not required.

custom ID card