voter ID card law, Dems strike back

Tennessee Democrats have filed an appeal against the state voter ID law. State legislators have provided some features that made getting state photo ID card easier like no charge and free transportation to local DMV which seem to be insufficient. There are estimated 675 thousand residents in Tennessee who are eligible for voting but have no state issued identification card or driver’s license. 53 counties do not have driver’s services centers which issue state identification documents, that means longer travel for those who need to get an ID for voting. Moreover many senior citizens are missing necessary documentation required in order to obtain state ID cards. Reproducing these documents often carries significant cost charged by law offices. We recently wrote about 93 years old lady who’s been living normal life without photo ID and was unable to get state ID card due to missing marriage certificate. Senate Democratic Chairman Lowe Finney said “We have a duty as lawmakers to protect the ballot box, but we also have a duty to protect Tennessee citizens’ ability to vote, (…) “This new requirement will put hundreds of thousands of Tennesseans in danger of losing their right to vote. It’s our job to defend that right.”

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