voter id card law, heavier guns rolling out

As we come closer and closer to 2012, a year of presidential election state voter id laws get more heat. Latest development on the topis is Attorney General Eric Holder announcement to fight outbreak of efforts to suppress voters law by local legislatures. As of today 14 states passed some sort of legislation that requires government photo identification document to vote. Holder will closely examine new legislation in Florida, Texas, and South Carolina.
No new arguments this time, same old business. Fraud prevention and election process integrity on one hand and risk of excluding elderly poor and minorities on the other. Many states made some effort to make it easier for everyone to be able to vote with means such free id card or even free ride to the DMV office. While these effort may help many they won’t help them all. States require certain sets of documents in order to issue state id card. Birth certificate seem to be a document that is hard to get for many older people. In these cases birth certificate can be obtained with lawyer’s office assistance but this makes free id card no longer the case.
I think that after long, full of meaningless arguments public debate some sort of agreement will be reached. For example people born before certain date can use Social Security Card as identification for voting. Since the issue is becoming more and more partisan the debate may take a bit.

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