West Virginia: confusion on new id card rules

West Virginia became REAL ID Act of 2005 compliant effective January 3rd 2012. It has caused some confusion among the state residents which caused DMV Commissioner Joe Miller issuing a news release this morning. The statement basically reminds the residents of the new rules when applying for state identification documents such as driver’s license or photo id card. According to the new regulation in order to apply for new document, change the data on the existing one or renew an expiring document the applicant must bring 1 proof of Social Security Number such as SS card, W-2 form, pay stub or Social Security Benefit Form, one proof of identity such as US birth certificate (notarized copy is fine), valid US passport, valid Department of Homeland Security Documents (for foreign born residents), 2 forms of residency proof , the list for this is pretty long and can be found here http://www.transportation.wv.gov/dmv/Driver-Licenses/Pages/NEWLicensingRequirements.aspx.
Also since Jan 3rd the state residents can apply for REAL-ID fully compliant documents with a gold star. These take a little longer to process but allow to access federally controlled premises such as airports and federal government buildings. Despite longer wait time over 35% applicants chosen to apply for gold star documents since it became available.

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