Wisconsin free voter ID card controversy

Discussion about voter ID law is back thanks to Wisconsin DMV internal memo instructing employees how to handle customers who apply for state ID card. It’s a single sentence about who to offer a free ID card that revived the discussion. “While you should certainly help customers who come asking for free ID to check the appropriate box, you should refrain from offering the free version to customers who do not ask for it.”
Quick reminder, free ID is a part of Wisconsin as well as other states voter ID bill which requires identification upon casting a ballot. In most states opponents of the new regulation expressed concern that it would exclude elderly and poor who do not posess qualified identification from voting. As a relief legislators decided to issue free state identification cards to those who would like to vote but do don’t an ID. During budget deficit crisis in most states issuing everyone who asks a free ID or designing a separate ID just for voting were not options due to the cost. A loophole was created instead; while a state identification normally costs around $30 the phrase “it’s for voting” acts as coupon to get it for free. Normal practice in today’s retail shopping? Yes, but this is goverment and it should be fair to all. On the top of it DMV employees job is to close the loophole and the memo doesn’t actually help much. What a DMV agent should do it someone who just paid for ID card comes back and says why did you charge me if I need it for voting?
Law makers should really make sure that when they write law 8 out of 10 people would interpret it exactly the same way instead of pushing the ambiguities down and force the ones who execute the law to interpret it.

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