Wisconsin gets new ID cards and DL

Effective today Wisconsin Department of Transportation starts issuing redesigned driver’s licenses and state photo id cards. New designn is compliant with RealID security requirements as well as recommendations from American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA). Among security features there is a laminate hologram featuring the state seal and 2 ghost photo images, one color, one grayscale. On the reverse side a Laser-engraved tactile date of birth is printed as well as two scannable barcodes. 1D barcode contains inventory control number while 2D PDF417 barcode holds all printed data from the front. Driver’s license type is printed with different colors font for easier identification: Regular driver license – blue, Commercial driver license – green, Occupational driver license – black, Probationary driver license – red, Identification card – black and Instruction permit – purple. Underage documents carry vertical design so they can be easily distinguished, person turning 18 and 21 years old date is printed in yellow and red background bars respectively directly underneath the photo. New documents are no longer given out to the applicants in the DMV office locations any longer. Instead they will be delivered in mail with 14 days while most would arrive in 3-5 business days which will help verify applicant’s address. Applicants will get paper based temporary licenses valid for 45 day upon completing their applications at a DMV office.
More information and documents samples can be seen at DOT site:

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