Wisconsin judge rules against voter ID law

Just yesterday we wrote about Department of Justice denying pre clearance to Texas election law amendment requiring photo identification to cast a ballot. Around the same time a Wisconsin Dane County Circuit Judge Richard Niess announced his decision on permanently blocking the law that requires voters to produce an eligible form of photo identification upon casting a ballot. While the judge recognized the effort of bringing more integrity to the election process and reduce the fraud risk he also emphasized the risk of voter discrimination which is against the Constitution. Probably the most representative phrase from the 8 page ruling justification document is “Voter fraud is no more poisonous to our democracy than voter suppression,”. Judge decision puts the legislation on a permanent halt after it was put on temporary halt by Dane County Circuit Judge David Flanagan granting temporary injunction in response to a lawsuit filed by a immigration rights group called Voces de la Frontera
Court ruling does not mean the battle over the legislation is over; in fact Indiana voter ID law was suspended in court and then reinstated by a higher instance court. Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen has already announced he will appeal from the judge decision. It’s unlikely though that the law would be back in force for April 3 Primary elections.

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