Another Wisconsin judge against voter ID law

We wrote few months ago about Dane County District Judge Richard Niess permanently blocking Wisconsin voter id law based on concerns of voter suppression.  Only yesterday another judge made his previously temporary injection permanent.
Dane County Judge David Flanagan wrote in explanation of his decision that more than 300,000 state voters wouldn’t be able to vote unless they obtain a photo id card from the state that would allow to cast an election ballot. He pointed that 300,000 is a lot of people and most of them are already registered voters.
Since 2004 despite efforts of Attorney General’s Election Fraud Task Force there was not a single case of voting fraud case which would be prevented by the new legislation.
While the judge admitted the law might improve the election process it’s not worth to execute as the cost might be disenfranchising more than 300,000 Wisconsin voters. Fighting non existent voter fraud is not worth such risk. He also pointed that despite the fact that state photo id cards can be obtained at no cost the process of application can easily get frustrating, time consuming and costly.

Judge decision means the voter ID law has slim chance to go into force by November Presidential elections. Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen has appealed from Judge Niess decision and is expected to appeal from Judge Flanagan decision as well. It is highly unlikely for Wisconsin Supreme Court to rule in these cases by November.

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