Wisconsin move towards Real ID

Begining 2012 state of Wisconsin joins the family of states which moved towards Real ID program compliance. After testing phase is completed state photo id cards and driver’s licenses will no longer be printed at the local DMV office. Applicant will get a temporary paper based document which will be valid for 45 days and be equal in validity to the plastic card one, paper document has all the data as well as photograph and scannable barcode. Plastic card document should arrive in mail within 10 business days from DMV office visit. Documents are manufactured by California based contractor L-1 Identity Solutions which will cost the state around $1.3 million more per year as the price for residents remains the same while the cost per card rose by $1.15. New documents carry the same graphic design however additional security features have been added to prevent tampering.
Fully compliant Real ID documents are expected to be out early 2013. Real ID act requires storing digitially scanned images of birth certificate and other identity proving documents. Residents will be able to opt out and get ordinary id even after Real ID compliant documents are out. non-Real ID documents however will not be sufficient to access federal premises such airports and administration building.

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