Wisconsin voter id card law in court

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has sued Governor Scott Walker and members of the state’s Government Accountability Board, which oversees elections, ethics and campaign finance to the US court in Milwaukee for making the election law to exclude certain groups from voting. The new state election law, signed by governor Walker on May 25th 2011 requires a voter to present a state issued photo id card or driver’s license in order to cast a ballot. ACLU filed the suit in behalf of 17 state residents would have been able to vote if the law hasn’t come into force. In this group we can find an 84 years old lady who doesn’t have a birth certificate and can’t afford a lawyer investigate for it; a homeless veteran living in a shelter whose veteran ID card is insufficient for voting under the new regulations and a 20 years old who hasn’t obtained a Social Security Card and therefore cannot apply for state issed photo identification.
These and other similar cases made ACLU sure that the US Constitution has been violated at least twice; plaintiff mention amendments 14 and 24 which effectively lifted voting restrictions from African American and Indians in the past.
Defendants of the law argue that over 15 states now require photo identification for voting and that new law increases voting process integrity.
Primary elections date is set to February 21 2012. ACLU expects the court to vertict on the case by that time

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