it’s worth to ask for ID badge even a cop in uniform

It has been recently reported that a man wearing police body armor suit and a gun by his belt shown up at 1AM at Toronto resident house. The man demanded access to the premises for the purpose of police investigation. The homeowner remained cool and asked for police ID badge when the person acting as a police officer ran away. Police officer impostors are not as common as utility companies ones but such cases are reported from time to time. Policemen wearing body armor hardly ever visit anyone alone, armor indicates a planned and coordinated action which usually involves a group of armed forces. Also the time of the visit is rather unusual, unless you call the police or there is something going on in the neigborhood you should not expect police visit between 10PM and 6 AM. Another hint of impostor misbehavior in this case is that he hasn’t introduced himself. Unless police armed forces are storming a property police officer knocking at the door introduces himfself, describes the purpose of a visit and shows identification if not in uniform. Even a police wearing uniform has an obligation to produce identification when asked before entering private property; either police badge or photo id card should be presented. Cautios attitude of Toronto resident should be an example of proper conduct.

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