New Zealand: duplicate id badges worn by the Police

Three Police officers who made arrests in Occupy camp in Auckland are reported to wear identical id badges with duplicate identification number. The arrests that took place in Aotea Square were the result of city council decision to dismantle the Occupy protesters camp in multiple squares of the city. Over dozen of tents still remain in the square and the protesters claim there will be more soon. While the movement in New Zealand seems to be losing steam (it started with over 2000 people now it’s estimated under 50) the protesters who remained on their posts are determined. The police announced that 3 individuals wearing duplicate id badges are under investigation and emphasized the fact that their behavior was against the rules. Police was executing court order that ruled the protest is in form of banned camping in public space without required permit. Council made a clear statement that members of the movement are allowed to protest in the parks and other public areas but not in the form of camping.
The protest in Auckland is a part of international movement related to Occupy Wall Street in the US. It started in September along with the protest taking place in New York City.

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