Can I customize each id badge with a personal photo?

Yes, definitely. When you need to create multiple photo id badges using the same template all you need to do is click on the portrait photo, from the left hand control panel select ‘Change selected image’, a dialog prompt will pop up and ask to pick an image file from your computer. After you choose the right photo you can position it properly by dragging and dropping. You can also round the corners, make the photo bigger or smaller, change the outline color and select it thickness.

When you are done with editing the photo you can change the text labels if necessary by selecting any of the labels or pressing the button ‘ADD NEW LABEL’. In case you also need to change data in the barcode or change other images on the card you just need to select them with left mouse click and edit using left side management console.

When you’re done editing all desired elements on the id badge you can click ‘SAVE TEMPLATE’; this will prompt you to pick the name for the id card you just finished personalizing. After you type the name and click Save your design work is saved within your account in online id badge creator. Since your work has been saved you can start personalizing the same template for another person, just repeat the steps mentioned above.

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