No setup fee, No minimal order, No onsite equipment needed. 24 hour processing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you create a custom id card?
Can I use my custom design to print a custom id badge?
How does the Quick ID Online Card Creator work?
Can I customize each id badge with a personal photo?
After I create an ID card template can I use it for multiple badges?

What image formats are supported by Quick ID Online Card Creator?

Supported formats are jpg, gif, png, bmp, jpeg and tiff.
Other formats like pdf needs to be converted before upload.
Please contact support [email protected] with questions or for help.

Do you offer bulk processing?

What are the own artwork specifications?

width: 3.375 inch, height: 2.125 inch, 300dpi (1020x640 pixles). Don’t round the corners since the cards have them rounded already. If you need full bleed, you can make it slightly bigger but the area described above is what will be printed.

What is the size of the card?

Our cards are about the size of a credit card.
The full specifications are as follows:
standard name: CR80
width: 3.375 inch, 85.6 mm
height: 2.125 inch, 54 mm
thickness: 30 mil (30/1000 inch) 0.762 mm
corner rounding radius: 0.09 inch, 2.4 mm

Q: What are the cards made of?

Quick ID Cards are made of high quality White PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride). They are corrosion resistant, weather resistant, and very durable.

What is the print quality of the cards?

Our cards use 300DPI. Our ID Card printers use continuous tone technology, which prints images with higher resolutions than laser or inkjet printers.

What is the turnaround time?

Quick ID provides very fast turnaround times, usually within 24 hours.

Is there a setup fee?

We absolutely do not charge any setup fees!

Can I use a custom design?

Yes! We can work out a customized image or use ready to print artwork.

After creating an ID Card template, can I use it for multiple badges?

Absolutely! Just save your template, personalize for another member of your organization and save again under another name.

I am trying to place an order but I keep getting the error message, "Street address and postal code do not match" and I'm sure the zip code is correct.

"Street address and postal code do not match" is a generic credit card billing error. No more details is provided to prevent fraud. More information on the declined transaction details can be obtained my calling credit card issuer customer service line.

Why the id badges maker moved to HTML5 from Flash?

Long story short because our customers demanded that and we saw no reason against it. For the longer story please read through.