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Why the id badges maker moved to HTML5 from Flash?

Flash has been a dominant player in web animation for many years. It has been most widely recognized as Adobe product since its prime time fell after the solution has been acquired number of times since being initially compiled back in the 1990s. Shortly after Macromedia acquisition by Adobe a programming language, called ActionScript, enabled Flash as a feature rich web application platform. At the time Flash had virtually no competition so once we decided to build a web based id badges maker the platform selection was a simple process.

Apple IOS tremendous growth in popularity in the second decade of the 21st century has become the foreshadow of Flash decline. Apple restricted Flash on its mobile devices citing poor performance and negative impact on battery life. Numerous security vulnerabilities, often critical in nature, reminded the fact that the Flash architecture is aging and might need a major overhaul. Most popular web browsers disabled Flash by default, requiring user intervention, sometimes involving complicated list of steps to enable content. At the same time, HTML5 popularity started to grow and Adobe decided against further development of Flash. In July 2017, the vendor announced end of life date set at end of 2020 finally sealing the fate Flash. You can check our HTML5 id badges maker by browsing our templates