How does the Quick ID Online Card Creator work?

Our online ID card creator is a state of the art cloud based, fully featured id badge design studio.

To start creating your custom ID badge just pick a template you would like to personalize. When the creator initializes you will be able to see the id badge template as well as controls on the bottom and on the left hand side.

You can click any object on the template and the appropriate control panel will show up on the left. Using buttons on the bottom you can add a new image, text label or barcode; you can also select editing front or reverse side and request a slot to be punched.

When you click the photo on the template, the ‘Edit Portrait’ controls would come up on the left. It this panel you can replace the photo, round corners, magnify or reduce size of the photo, change border color and thickness.

When the ‘ADD NEW IMAGE’ button is selected a prompt to upload an image will appear. After the picture is uploaded, the left control panel allows for changing, removing or adding another image. The same control console also allows for sizing the image, rotating clockwise and counterclockwise, moving it up, down, left and right (moving the object can also be accomplished by dragging and dropping it with mouse). This console also handles the layers, for example if you’d like a text label over the image or photo you can select it and click ‘BRING UP’ button, ‘PUT BEHIND’ button would achieve reverse action.

ADD NEW LABEL button bring up text label controls. You can select text size, font color and family from wide selection. As in image control panel you can also use layers to bring up objects to the front or put them behind.

ADD BARCODE button brings up management console for scannable barcode creation. After entering text to be encoded you can select coding standard. This console also supports layers and rotation tools.

Click SAVE TEMPLATE to save the work into your online id badge creator account. In case you need to create multiple custom id badges you can keep saving the same template after personalizing it each time.

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