Can I use my custom design to print a custom id badge?

Absolutely. We are glad to help people and organizations to print their own templates.
It isn't cost efficient for an individual to purchase a plastic card printer, which can cost thousands of dollars to print several cards. Similarly, organizations need to print the ID Badges every now and then but printer maintenance can be expensive.

We are here to address those needs as printing ID Cards is all we do. Our high end Fargo printers guarantee highest quality of service and print resolution. PVC based custom id badges looks professional, resists wear and tear while being waterproof. It's also tamper proof because our cards can only be printed on once. Adding or removing content from the custom id badge is impossible without making the forgery clearly visible.
When it comes to design file type requirements we accept a wide selection of various formats. Feel free to contact us for more details.

Out badges are credit card sized which mean your design should be 3.375 inch wide and 2.125 inch tall, corner rounding radius is 0.09 inch; no bleeds. We advise to use 300dpi resolution for optimal print quality.

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